Our Values

To achieve our Vision, we focus on the 'human' side of our business – our people and the service we provide to our customers. That's why we've developed our Values – our guide to how we behave towards each other and our customers...

Respect and Camaraderie

Inchcape people are at the heart of who we are as a company. We celebrate diversity, value and learn from each other and are proud to be working with the best. We rise to any challenge together; our friendship, respect for each other and sense of ‘Inchcape family’ make us incredibly strong – and we have fun along the way.

Caring for our society

We are aware of our responsibilities as the global industry leader. We seek to make a positive impact on the lives of our People, our Customers and the Communities in which we operate around the world.

Being Always Ahead

A pioneering spirit is the very essence of Inchcape. We liberate talent, prize bold innovation and are passionate about seizing opportunities ahead of our competitors.

Winning together

We are strong as individuals but we’re even stronger when we work together as a team. We are proud to be part of a rich global network of Incredible Inchcape people.

Integrity without compromise

We have an uncompromising commitment to transparency and ethical principles. We believe in straight-talking and taking responsibility for what we say and do. In an industry not famed for trust, customers and brand partners choose us for our clarity and honesty.

Treat every $ as our own

Each one of us feels and acts like an owner of our company. We see cost as a good thing as long as it creates value. We hate waste, and therefore think before we spend. We leverage our scale to achieve a cost and speed advantage over our competitors.

Passionate about making a difference

We feel empowered to make a difference and have the courage, determination and commitment to do so. We are committed to giving growth opportunities to our people, delivering performance for our brand partners and creating magic moments for our customers as we take our company to new heights.