Our Business


Smart Automotive Solutions tailored to meet our customers' needs and delivered with a focus on quality and customer service are what AutoNexus is all about. With sites across Australia, AutoNexus are a leading national player in the automotive services industry providing fleet conversions, fleet refurbishment and maintenance, vehicle logistics, parts warehousing and distribution and inventory management services to iconic brands. We work with our customers to understand their requirements and our expert team, solid systems and strong discipline around process ensure that customers receive reliable, high quality service each and every time.


Subaru Australia

Subaru Australia is the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of vehicles manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries, whose philosophy is based on high quality engineering, active and passive safety, reliability, a fun driving experience and value.

Since we came to Australia in 1973, we've been the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of the Subaru model range, which is manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries. We are 90% owned by Inchcape, with Subaru manufacturer Fuji Heavy Industries owning 8% and Toyota Tsusho Corporation 2%.

Our goal is to make Subaru rule the Australian roads. Our mission is to build quality cars with world-leading safety technology that are fun to drive and great value.

Our purpose is to help Australians do more and get more out of life. Whether you're travelling across the country, choosing your next car or booking a service, we're here to make it easy and fun. It's what we "do". Because a Subaru isn't just made of steel, glass, plastic and rubber. It's made of people. The people that help you choose the Subaru that's right for you. And the people that keep your Subaru running like new. We want to make every experience with us a great one. A great experience. That leaves you smiling.

We are a multiple award winner, including three Wheels Car of the Year titles and multiple Australia's Best Cars awards from the nation's motoring organisations. Every vehicle in the range (excluding BRZ) has Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, following a pivotal decision in 1998 to make this gripping feature standard in every Subaru sold in Australia. The success of this decision is seen in the outstanding year-on-year sales growth - from 8,500 cars in 1996 to over 40,000 cars today.


Subaru New Zealand

Subaru of New Zealand is the Subaru brand custodian in the open market of New Zealand. Responsible for all authorised wholesale distribution of vehicles, genuine parts, accessories and service to a channel of 14 independently owned and operated dealers from Auckland to Invercargill. Regardless of the small scale of New Zealand they are recognised as one of Subaru's top 15 distributors world wide a direct result of innovative local marketing and a strong customer experience focus. Subaru of New Zealand sold 1814 vehicles in 2014.




Trivett is Australia's largest prestige automotive group and the retail unit of Inchcape Australia. Trivett represent 14 automotive brands including a majority of the world's most esteemed marques. Trivett has 23 dealerships across Australia, employing over 1,200 people and selling over 25,000 vehicles annually.

Trivett takes great pride in offering professional and reputable service in an enjoyable and relaxed shopping experience with coffee bars, wireless internet access and concierge services. Trivett's highly knowledgeable and reputable staff are able to match a vehicle to your needs and offer a complete range of services to meet all your motoring requirements.